Food Pilgrimage: El Atoradero

About a month ago, nothip sent me this article about Denisse Chavez, a woman from Mexico who is so dedicated to making delicious food that she regularly drives to her homeland to purchase ingredients. The spices here just don't cut it in her book. On each trip to Mexico, she and her husband risk being kidnapped by… » 10/20/14 1:28pm 10/20/14 1:28pm

ART MEETUP: Bronx Photography Exhibit at Andrew Freedman Home

Anyone free next Saturday (Oct 4th) to make a trek to see work by photographers in the Bronx? The exhibit is being put on by the Bronx Artist Documentary Project, whose goal is to promote the work of visual artists in the Bronx. Next Saturday is the last weekend day the exhibit will be open (exhibit ends Wed Oct 8th).… » 9/26/14 11:13pm 9/26/14 11:13pm