The first time I remember a man checking me out, I was so young and naive that I didn’t even notice it was happening - my mom did. We were exiting a Disney World theme park and we were in a crowd, so we were moving slowly. All of the sudden, my mom pushes me toward my brothers and got behind me. She looked really… »4/29/15 2:41pm4/29/15 2:41pm


I feel so validated. My approach toward sex when I was younger was much more like this woman, but over the past decade or so, men have worn me down and I’ve given so much head that I didn’t want to. I’ve been in several abusive relationships where men demand oral from me and I give in because that’s how coercion works. »4/03/15 9:44am4/03/15 9:44am

Did you not watch the video? Women are harassed on the street and in other public spaces constantly. It makes us feel uncomfortable and unsafe and we don't know when a seemingly harmless interaction is going to turn threatening. If you approach a strange woman, she is forced to evaluate in a split second whether… »10/05/14 7:55pm10/05/14 7:55pm

I already responded with some links you can read, but it occurred to me that it might be helpful to give you some personal context. I used to live, work, and go to school in San Francisco. There was no way I could study in a coffee house without an interruption every 15 minutes, let alone walk down the street. »10/05/14 7:53pm10/05/14 7:53pm

This is an insane question to me. Is it actually that hard to keep your thoughts to yourself? I see people on the street all the time that I think things about and I have never felt the need to inform them of those thoughts. Who are these people running around with this constant compulsion to speak their minds to… »10/05/14 7:45pm10/05/14 7:45pm